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Viedma Glacier – 5 to 6 Days

Viedma Glacier – 5 to 6 Days


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Viedma Glacier is a large valley glacier that is part of the huge Southern Patagonian Ice Field, located at the southern end of mainland South America. Its moraine-rich terminus flows into the western end of Lake Viedma, which is fed primarily by its melting ice.

Located in the undefined part of the limit between Chile and Argentina, in Argentinian legislature it is in Los Glaciares National Park which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. In Chilean legislature part of it is in Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is 13,000 square kilometres (5,000 sq mi); Viedma Glacier is one of the Ice Field’s 48 outlet glaciers that have more than 20 square kilometres (7.7 sq mi) of ice field area each.

If you follow the trail which takes you alongside the Viedma glacier. You’ll always see the glacier from above, thus giving spectacular views along the way. During the trek you’ll pass by some sparkling mountain lakes and after lunch the hard work awaits us as you trek up to the Huemul Pass.

At the top you could have the chance to see some Condors flying around since there is a huge “Condorera”. From the top of the pass and after taking the necessary time for a respite you’ll then begin the descent along a steep way through the forest to get to your next camp at Bahía de los Témpanos (Icebergs)


  • View mountain lakes, Glaciers & Condors along the trail of the Viedma Glacier.


5 – 6 Days: A complete North to South 6 days trekking program going around the most attractive points of El Chalten with amazing views of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Southern Ice Field from Paso del Viento.


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