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Trujillo – 1 to 3 Days

Trujillo – 1 to 3 Days


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Trujillo is a city of 790,000 people (2014) in Northwestern Peru, very close to the Pacific Coast. Trujillo was founded in 1534 among 4 (of 3,500 archaeological sites in the valley) Chimu (& earlier remarkable cultures) settlements to enable the Spanish to ally with them against the Incas. Due to its geographic location it is also known for its seafood and the beaches of its famous surf and beach resort Huanchaco.

Chan Chan is a pre-Colombian city and archaeological site near Trujillo on northern Peru’s desert coast. It was the seat of the ancient Chimú civilization before it fell to the Incas. The vast adobe complex has citadels, including the partially restored Tschudi Palace. It also encompasses temples, plazas and cemeteries. The Museo de Sitio Chan Chan displays stone artifacts, ceramics and history exhibits.


  • Huacas de Moche Archaeological Site Museum. 09ː00-16ː00 daily. About the Huacas de Moche site that was the pre-Colombian city known as Cerro Blanco.
  • La Huaca de la Luna, Carretera campiña de moche, Moche. 09ː00-16ː00 daily. Adobe ruin built by the Moche people that is part of Huacas de Moche archaeological site.
  • La Huaca del Sol. 09ː00-16ː00 daily. Purported to be the largest pre̠-Columbian structure in the Americas, it is another adobe ruin of Huacas de Moche like nearby La Huaca de la Luna though not as well preserved. Dates to a time before 450 CE.
  • Huaca “El Dragon“, Complejo Arqueológico Chan-Chan, Pedro Murillo S/N, La Esperanza. 09ː00-16ː00 daily. Impressive set of ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city, and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Trujillo’s Colonial Center. Traditional Spanish-style main square surrounded by the most important buildings of the colonial period of the city such as the Trujillo Cathedral Basilica. Free.
  • El Brujo Archaeological Site (about 52 km northwest of Trujillo on highway 104), ☏ +51 939 326 240. 09ː00-17ː00 daily. More ruins, another museum, and grand views of the Andes and coast.


1 – 3 Days: With good links along the western coast it’s a good place to explore from with bus connections to all coastal towns


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