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Tambopata National Reserve – 2 to 5 Days

Tambopata National Reserve – 2 to 5 Days


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Tambopata National Reserve is located south of the Madre de Dios river, in the province of Tambopata, region of Madre de Dios. It reaches the border with Bolivia to the east and borders with Bahuaja Sonene National Park to the south.

The area consists of forested hills and plains, with elevations ranging from 200 to 400 m above sea level. The area presents swamps, oxbow lakes and meandering rivers; the main rivers in the reserve being the Tambopata, Malinowski and Heath rivers.

The annual mean temperature in the area is 26 °C, with a range between 10° and 38 °C. The lower temperatures are caused by cold winds of antarctic origin; these cold waves occur in June and July. The rainy season occurs between December and March.


  • The main activities in the reserve are wildlife observation and camping, as there are several great spots for those purposes.
  • Lake Sandoval, 30 minutes from Puerto Maldonado, is the most visited place in the reserve, its shores covered with palm trees which are home to macaws, can be toured by boat. Two other lakes can be reached after 2 and 3 hour trips.
  • Experience a mineral clay lick where birds and mammals gather and are popular nature watching spots.


2 – 5 Days: Book a lodge or rafting trip to explore the Tambopata National Reserve and uncover the native wildlife of the zone.


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