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Paucartambo – 1 to 3 Days

Paucartambo – 1 to 3 Days


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This original Andean patrimonial festival takes place in a quaint and long-established white-wash town of Paucartambo, decorated with blue doors and windows.

Around mid-July of each year campesinos (peasant farmers) from all over the Sacred Valley trek to the small mountain town to dance in the festival of the Virgen Del Carmen. Many Andean towns have patrimonial festivals with traditional dances that mix indigenous beliefs, local legend, and Catholic worship, though Paucartambo’s is the most historic & best of all. The spirit of debauchery is infectious. The fresh mountain air comes alive with the music of a dozen marching bands and the cracking sound of fireworks.

Over the course of the festival each of the dance groups, in their full community regalia, enacting the stories of their existence. One group represents the wealthy landowners of Spanish-descent — they are easily identified by their large noses, spurs on their boots and jugs of beer in their hands. A group of devils, masked in Chinese dragon-style headdresses, scale the roofs of the town engaging the crowds, tempting them to sin.

After a day of parading through the town, each dance group retreats to a large house or meeting hall for a night of extravagant Andean cuisine and copious amounts of beer and pisco. The beer halls are packed to the rafters, with revelers spilling out of the doors late into the night.

For the brave of heart, there is an early morning excursion which is perhaps the greatest part of all the festivities. After an arduous climb through the piercing cold, with bottles of rum in hand, you’ll find yourself at Tres Cruzes, the edge of the Andes, looking out at the sunrise exploding over thousands of miles of rainforest. The festival-induced slumber cannot help but be broken by this stunning mountain view and the glory of the Amazon before you.


  • Peru’s rich history of the Inca entwined with influences from the Spanish colonial era have combined to create amazing festivals.
  • Some of the festivals are religious and to be respected but are open for the enjoyment of everyone who visits Peru.


1 – 3 Days: Stay in the town of Paucartambo and enjoy the festivities of the Virgen del Carmen that run for 3 days.


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