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Manu Reserve – 3 to 6 Days

Manu Reserve – 3 to 6 Days


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Manu National Park covers an area of 1,716,295.22 hectares (17,162.95 km2) which comprises mountainous areas (traversed by creeks and valleys) with elevations close to 4000 m above sea level and a portion of the Amazon Basin plains.

The national park is divided in the following areas: the restricted use zone (with pristine forests and native communities, access is granted to researchers only); the reserved zone (for recreation and research); the recuperation zone (for the recovery of disturbed areas) and the cultural zone (for human settlement and most activities including nature tourism)

Manu is divided into three zones:

  • Intangible zone” is only accessible to scientists and researchers
  • Reserved zone” is only accessible to a limited number of tour operators and their tours
  • Cultural zone” is more accessible. Local Amazonian people live in small communities.


  • The cultural zone is home to several native communities of Yine and Matsiguenka people; who have initiated various tourism projects.
  • When visiting the park; chances to see wildlife are highest in the reserved zone; however wildlife experiences are also available in the cultural zone.


3-6 Days: Trek, tour and kayak through the Manu Reserve of the Amazon Jungle.


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