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Horcones Valley – 4 to 13 Days

Horcones Valley – 4 to 13 Days


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Aconcagua is bounded by the Valle de las Vacas to the north and east and the Valle de los Horcones Inferior to the west and south. The mountain and its surroundings are part of the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

The mountain has a number of glaciers. The largest glacier is the Ventisquero Horcones Inferior at about 10 km (6 mi) long, which descends from the south face to about 3,600 m (11,800 ft) in altitude near the Confluencia camp. Two other large glacier systems are the Ventisquero de las Vacas Sur and Glaciar Este/Ventisquero Relinchos system at about 5 km (3 mi) long.

The most well known is the north-eastern or Polish Glacier, as it is a common route of ascent. The colorful greenish, blueish and grey deposits that can be seen in the Horcones Valley and south of Puente Del Inca, are carbonates, limestones.


  • Trek through the valley on the way to basecamp for the summit of Aconcagua.
  • Watch as the local ganchos drive mules through the valley.


4 – 13 Days: You can trek through the Horcones Valley on the way to Aconcagua Basecamp and return depending on the route you decide to take.


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