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Coffee Region Colombia – 2 to 7 Days

Coffee Region Colombia – 2 to 7 Days


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Colombia’s Coffee region (also called the Coffee Axis or in Spanish, Eje Cafetero) spans three departments: Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío. Visiting the area is similar to a tour of the Wine Country in northern California: you can visit coffee plantations as you would wineries, touring the fields and sampling the finished product.

Many of the farms supplement their income with tourism and will offer detailed showing how the coffee is picked, produced and readied for export. This guide will direct you to the best places to see the coffee production process, the best times to visit the area, as well as places to stay and when to visit.

The Coffee Region has three medium-sized cities plus a smattering of smaller towns and villages nestled amid the green valleys and connected by narrow country roads. The best places to visit in the region are often tiny pueblos surrounded by coffee farms, but there’s also bigger cities where you can experience excellent museums and cultural events. In addition to plantation tours, the region has a number of other unique attractions and activities. You can visit stunning nature reserves and waterfalls or go mountain biking and canyoning.


  • Overnight on a traditional coffee farm and understand the art of coffee production.
  • For the best in natural landscapes, take a short hike in the incomparable Cocora Valley.
  • Discover the hot springs of Termales San Vicente near Manizales.
  • Chillax in Pijao, South America’s supposedly first designated “slow town“.
  • Enjoy Salento, an enchanting city with great mountain views and superb food.
  • Feria de Manizales: A grand celebratory fiesta lasting a moth with a locally inspired program including bullfights, cultural music and dance performances, horse parades and artisan exhibitions.
  • Fiesta Nacional de Cafe: or the annual Coffee Festival features the most famous jeep parades (Yipao) in Colombia. Visitors will experience the marvel of coffee jeeps loaded to capacity and proving themselves with feats of prowess and strength.
  • Fiestas de las Cosechas: this event usually includes an annual parade, an International Gastronomic Festival, concerts, local musicians, art exhibits and street markets featuring local products.
  • Festivo de Sabores, Sonidos y Saberes: in Pijao is dedicated to the freshest coffee, local food and regional culture in an area that is developing their own unique infrastructure.
  • Concurso Nacional de Velas y Faroles: is a Christmas celebration lit by beautiful paper lanterns. Located in the pueblo of Quimbaya, where the streets are filled with lanterns carefully prepared by locals for months ahead of time.


2 to 7 Days: Spend a few days or a week experiencing stunning national parks, vibrant cities, and quiet pueblos of the world famous coffee region.


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