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Yaguas Tribe – 1 Day Travel



Yagua are an indigenous people in Colombia and northeastern Peru, numbering approximately 6,000. Currently, they live near the Amazon, Napo, Putumayo and Yavari rivers and their tributaries. As of 2005, some Yagua have migrated northward to Colombia, near the town of Leticia.

Currently the Yagua live in some 30 communities scattered throughout a section of the Peruvian and Colombian Amazon basin which can roughly be described as a rectangle 200 miles wide and 350 miles long (70,000 sq. miles) extending southward from the second to the fifth parallel and westward from the 70th to the 75th meridian west.


  • You’ll visit the native ethnic group of the Yaguas where you can learn about their tribal customs, watch and participate in their ritual dances, and also learn about and partake in their hunting traditions.


1 – 7 Days: Explore local tribal communities & their traditions as part of a tour of the Amazon Jungle or cruise of the Amazon River


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