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Tipón – 1 Day Travel



Tipón, is a sprawling early fifteenth-century Inca archaeological park that is situated between 3,250 metres (10,660 ft) and 3,960 metres (12,990 ft) above sea level, located 22 kilometres (14 mi) southeast of Cusco near the village of Tipón. It consists of several ruins enclosed by a powerful defensive wall about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) long. The most renown (and easily accessible) part of the park is the group of precise and right angled monumental terraces irrigated by a network of water canals fed by a monumental fountain channeling water from a natural spring. The site includes ancient residential areas and a remarkable amount of petroglyphs in its upper part.

The irrigation system based on canals, fountains and stonework with water drop structures shows that the Incas had an advanced water related technology and were experienced hydraulic engineers. Since 1970’s the area has been excavated and restored. Works are still ongoing (2021).

Most probably the Tipón complex was an imperial Inca estate or at least a sort of feudal estate for Inca elite built in the time of Pachacuti or his son, Topa Inca Yupanqui and it is supposed that also ceremonial activities took place in it. The site may have also been used as a laboratory for agricultural products because of the various micro-climates found within the complex, a reliable round-the-year water supply and the fertile soil. Tipón is considered one of the most important archaeological tours for tourists who visit the Cusco area.


  • Still today, water is rushing though the channels and wide terraces – masterpieces of walls – are in perfect condition.


1 Day: Incorporate as part of a day tour in Cusco, it makes sense to see Pikillacta and Tipón on the same day as they’re on the same bus route.


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