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Salkantay to Machu Picchu – 4 to 7 Days Travel



A 6,272m peak, Salkantay Nevado, is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Andes and one of Peru’s best and well-known treks. Right in the heart of the Andes surrounding the Cusco region, this trek is within easy reach of Cusco itself.

Over the course of four days, you’ll pass by a beautiful glacial lake; up and over the Salkantay Trek pass (4,650m), and descend down into the dense vegetation of the Peruvian cloud forest. Directly to the north of Salkantay lies Machu Picchu, which is at the end of a ridge that extends down from this mountain.


  • Experience the glacial lake of Humantay
  • Cross over the 4,660m Salkantay pass before a descent down into cloud forest
  • Visit the lesser-known picturesque ruins of Llactapata
  • Explore the fabled sanctuary of Machu Picchu
  • Relax and enjoy the views on the train ride back from Machu Picchu

Fast Facts
Maximum Elevation – 4,650m
Start/Finish – Cusco/Cusco
Trek Style – Camping
Best Season – May to October

Reaching the citadel from the back entrance of the valley site is a stunning way to arrive and appreciate the citadel from a different perspective. The Salkantay Nevada Trek proximity to Machu Picchu makes trekking around it an excellent alternative to the oversubscribed Inca Trail.


4 – 7 Days: A moderate hike, with some difficult sections, we recommend taking your time over this trek route and enjoy the scenery!


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