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Ríobamba to Alausí (Devils Nose) – 2 to 3 Days Travel



Riobamba is the capital of Chimborazo Province in central Ecuador, and is located in the Chambo River Valley of the Andes. It is 200 km (120 mi) south of Ecuador’s capital Quito and located at an elevation of 2,754 m on the Avenue of the Volcanoes.

The city is an important regional transport center and a stop on the Pan-American Highway, which runs through Ecuador. Riobamba is one of the largest cities in the central portion of Ecuador’s Sierra region.

Alausi is a village in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador. It is the closest station to the train ride Naríz del Diablo. Although most of the tourism in Alausí is centered on the Devil’s Nose Train, the town, although small, is quite charming and worth a look.

Devil’s Nose train

The steepest descent of any section of railway track in the world (including two switchbacks), with impressive views of the Andean terrain, La Naríz del Diablo (the Devil’s Nose), is just outside Alausí. You can take a tourist train that goes down the devil’s nose and back up. The train goes every day but Monday, and on holidays at 08:00 (returning to Alausí at 10:30), and 11:00 (returning at 13:30). The railway asks that you be at the station 30 min before departure.


2 to 3 Days: Explore this quaint Andean region culminating in a train ride to the Devil’s Nose.


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