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Q’oricancha (Cusco) – 1 Day Travel



The Qurikancha (“golden place”) was the most important sanctuary dedicated to the Sun God (Inti) at the time of the Inca Empire. According to ancient chronicles written by Garcilaso de la Vega (chronicler), Qurikancha was said to have featured a large solid golden disc that was studded with precious stones and represented the Inca Sun God – Inti.

Spanish chroniclers describe the Sacred Garden in front of the temple as a garden of golden plants with leaves of beaten gold, stems of silver, solid gold corn-cobs and 20 life-size llamas and their herders all in solid gold.

The temple was destroyed by its Spanish invaders who, as they plundered, were determined to rid the city of its wealth, idolaters and shrines. Nowadays, only a curved outer wall and partial ruins of the inner temple remain at the site. With this structure as a foundation, colonists built the Convent of Santo Domingo in the Renaissance style.

The building, with one baroque tower, exceeds the height of many other buildings in this city. Inside is a large collection of paintings from the Cuzco School.


  • Visit the important Cathedral & Monastery with significant religious importance to Cusco & the Incas


1 Day: Visit the Q’oricancha museum within a day tour of the Cusco center


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