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Pumawanka Trek – 3 to 4 Days Travel



Trekking from Urubamba up the Pumahuanca Quebrada to the pass. Stunning valley views and mountain lakes are the highlight of the day. From the Pumahuanca pass, guided by apachetas, it’s a continuing descent down to Cuncani village with incredible views of the Chicon & Veronica Nevados.

From Cuncani it’s a trek of a further 4 hours until reaching the Hot Springs of Lares. Time for a soak and some lunch before transferring to Ollantaytambo. Taking the morning train, you’ll arrive into Aguas Calientes at around midday. From here you’ll take a bus up to the Incan Citadel to explore for the entire afternoon with your guide.


  • Trek a lesser known trail in the heart of the Sacred Valley.
  • Discover mountain top crystal clear lagunas with glacial landscape views.
  • End you trek in an exploration of Machu Picchu.


3 – 4 Days: Follow this trek route for 3 days and have a final day exploring the Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu.


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