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Piura – 2 to 7 Days Travel



Piura is the capital city of Peru’s northwestern Piura region. It’s known for its colonial buildings, such as the Piura Cathedral with its ornate gilded altarpiece. The cathedral faces Plaza de Armas, a trim square dotted with tamarind trees. The Admiral Miguel Grau Museum and House contains the 19th-century war hero’s photos and mementos. San Francisco Church is where Piura declared independence from Spain in 1821

The city of Piura is among the best places to eat in Perú. Try ceviche; fish and other types of seafood are always fresh. Another options are leche de tigre (tiger’s milk, obviously is not made of a tiger), seco de chabelo, jalea, etc. Food is not particularly spicy in the Mexican sense, though there is a good deal of hot onion and citrus juice in ceviche. In Piura city you can visit El Caracol Azul restaurant, La Santitos or Cafe Capuchino.

If you want to eat traditional food, you can visit Catacaos city or Sullana city; both have great restaurants, particularly those of Don Carlos in Sullana. In the mountains around Ayabaca it is possible to find restaurants where they serve cuy (Guinea Pig), as well as food with more ají.

If you enjoy beaches, you have to visit Mancora, Colán, Yacila, Punta Sal (Tumbes) and Los Órganos.

The city of Colán hosts the oldest church in South America, but has no priest and therefore is only used on Sundays for mass. The beach by this quiet town is much more relaxed than in Mancora. There are bungalows maintained by a retired Belgian man who also runs a restaurant for his guests. Rooms are very cheap at S/20 per night, but food is about the same price. To access Colán, one must get off at where the main highway intersects the road into the city and catch a moto or colectivo into town.

In Ayabaca is the famous statue of Sr. Cautivo, one of the most powerful saints in Peru. Every October thousands of pilgrims walk from as far as Lima and Ecuador to adore this miraculously created image of Jesus, which allegedly was carved by artisans who disappeared from a sealed room after completing the figure, accepting no payment. Ayabaca is also close to Bosque de Cuyas, one of the most accessible remnants of cloud forest on the western slopes of the Andes. To see the forest, which hosts over 140 species of birds in a mere 600 hectares, it is best to employ a guide from the village of Yacupampa, about 5 minutes from Ayabaca in mototaxi. Lodging can be had in several hotels (S/15-30 per night) around the main plaza in Ayabaca.


  • Eat some of the best Peruvian food in Piura.
  • Explore the beaches such as Mancora and Punta Sal.
  • Discover surrounding ancient churches and other historic sites.


2 – 7 Days: Incorporate a visit to Piura with a trip to coastal towns along the northwest of Peru; such as Mancora, Punta Sal and Vichayito


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