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Paracas – 1 to 3 Days Travel



Paracas National Reserve is a protected area located in the region of Ica, Peru and protects desert and marine ecosystems for their conservation and sustainable use. There are also archaeological remains of the Paracas culture inside the reserve.

The reserve is located in the region of Ica, 250 km south of Lima, and a few kilometers from the town of Pisco. It spans an area of 335,000 hectares, 65% of which correspond to marine ecosystems. The highest elevation in the reserve is 786 m.

The reserve includes coastal geographic features such as: the Paracas Peninsula, Independencia BaySan Gallán IslandParacas Bay and Independencia Island


  • Spot marine wildife – Mammals found in the reserve include: the sei whale, the South American fur seal, the dusky dolphin, the marine otter, the sperm whale, the humpback whale, the South American sea lion, the killer whale, the common bottlenose dolphin, the southern right whale.


1 – 3 Days: Take a trip down the west coast of Southern Peru and incorporate a visit to Paracas


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