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Nevado Qampa – 2 to 4 Days Travel

Trek & Climb


Nevado Qampa (pronounced Jampa, also spelled Campa), is the easiest; and one of the most popular mountains in Cusco and may be climbed without experience in mountaineering. It requires a glacier hike and sometimes a small rock climbing pass depending on the season. Afterwards, on your arrival at the summit the effort offers you an incredible panoramic view; that reaches to Salkantay over 200km in a north western direction.

Afterall it is a majestic landscape where you can observe cultural diversity; along with biological diversity of the high Andean areas such as; Vicuña, Vizcacha, Andean fox, Andean face, Andean carpenter and other native species.

Climb Highlights
Climb one of the famous mountains of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Ausangate region.
Trek across a glacier & complete a small rock climb to summit nevado Qampa.
Climb & ascend on one the easiest mountains for beginners to glacial climbing.

Technical Data
Range – Vilcanota
Mountain – Qampa
Altitude – 5,530m
Level – PD
Terrain & Route – North-East Face. The route is very steep, direct access to the glacier and an easy crossing to its summit.
Days – 2-3
Experience – Beginner Level


2 – 4 Days: Trekking and climbing the Nevado Qampa


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