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Nevado Halancoma – 3 Days Travel

Trek & Climb


Nevado Halancoma is one of the many 5000-meter peaks constituting the Cordillera Urubamba bordering the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru. It sits in the cluster of peaks rising high and out-of-sight above the small city of Ollataytambo. The Rio Urubamba is the valley`s main water source, which runs along this mountain front from Pisac, past Ollataytambo and its ruins, and on through Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. Though, dwarfed by the beautiful Nevado Veronica to the north, Nevado Halancoma serves as a relatively challenging and interesting warm-up for bigger mountains in the area.

Three peaks comprise the main body of what is known as Nevado Halancoma; Norte, Medio, and Sur. They rise higher the further south you go with the culmination at Halancoma Sur, which is printed at 5367 meter. From their summits, peaks from Pumasillo and Salkantay to the north to Ausangate to the south can be seen, providing one of the best viewpoints of mountains in the Cusco areas.


  • Begin your climbing career with a great entry level peak (5,350m)
  • Snow climbing level F, PD Qampa, Inka, Halancoma


3 Days: Day 1 – 3 hrs gradual ascent to basecamp; Day 2 – 3 hrs gradual ascent until the glaciar y 4 hrs to summit y 5 hrs descent to basecamp; Day 3 – 3 hrs descent y transport back to Cusco 2 hrs


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