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Mt Urus – 2 to 4 Days Travel

Trek & Climb


Urus is an acclimatization mountain to prepare for the higher peaks in the Cordillera Blanca. It’s normally considered a trekking peak more than a climbing one; but weather conditions can make this ‘easy’ summit far from a sure bet. If your time in Peru is short or you don’t have much high-altitude experience the climbs in this valley should be considered as a great starting point. Generally after the first treks the most popular peaks of Cordillera Blanca to achieve over 5,000+ meters are: Urus EsteIshinca and Pisco Oeste.


  • An ideal expedition for those new to the discipline of mountain climbing.


2 – 4 Days: 2-day trip to summit either Urus or Ishinca, 4 days for both. This is an ideal trek and climb route for those starting out in glacial climbing.


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