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Montaña PiniPini – 5 to 6 Days Travel



Climb Mount Pinipini, exploring the uninhabited jungle along the way, with more opportunities to see species such as monkeys, birds, and the beautiful flora of the jungle. You’ll hike for several hours deep in the forest, off the beaten path, before stopping for lunch.

Then continuing on for a few hours more until reaching the summit of the mountain. Here you’ll make your camp for the night; stopping for dinner also. You’ll pass the night in forest, surrounded by the sounds of the jungle under the beautiful starry sky.

The following day you’ll carve your way through bamboo forestation; using machetes, to clear a way through the dense jungle. At around midday you’ll here the sounds of a running stream, which you’ll follow for a few hours before reaching the head of an adjoining river (Alta Madre de Dios River).

From here you’ll raft all the way back to your lodge, experiencing virgin jungle and tribal communities that are untouched by modern ways of life!


  • Explore the abundant nature of Manu National Park.
  • Swim and bathe in the Rivers of the Zone.
  • Explore a route through this part of the jungle that not many will ever encounter!
  • Use machetes & some bushcraft to navigate bamboo terrain.
  • Encounter local communities and tribes of the zone (if you get lucky!)


5 – 6 Days: Drive into the Manu Reserve, then take a river boat to Atalaya, from here your adventure begins!


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