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Huilloc – 1 to 3 Days Travel



In some communities such as Huilloc, Patacancha, and many villages in the Lares Valley ponchos are worn as daily attire. However most men use their ponchos on special occasions such as festivals, village meetings, weddings etc. As with the women, ajotas, sandals made from recycled tyres, are the standard footwear. They are cheap and durable.

A ch’ullu is frequently worn. This is a knitted hat with earflaps. The first ch’ullu that a child receives is traditionally knitted by his father. In the Ausangate region chullos are often ornately adorned with white beads and large tassels called t’ikas. Men sometimes wear a felt hat called a sombrero over the top of the ch’ullu decorated with centillo, finely decorated hat bands. Since ancient times men have worn small woven pouches called ch’uspa used to carry their coca leaves.


  • Have a homestay here with a local community and partake in the traditions, can be included as part of a trek through the Lares Valley


1 – 3 Days: Treks through the Lares Valley take between 2-3 Days, overnight in Huilloc for a cultural experience


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