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Glacier Qelccaya – 4 to 6 Days Travel

Trek & Climb


The Quelccaya Ice Cap (also known as Quenamari Ice Cap) is the second largest glaciated area in the tropics, after Coropuna. Located in the Cordillera Oriental section of the Andes mountains in Peru, the cap covers an area of 42.8 square kilometres (16.5 sq mi) with ice up to 200 metres (660 ft) thick. It is surrounded by tall ice cliffs and a number of outlet glaciers, the largest of which is known as Qori Kalis Glacier; lakes, moraines, peat bogs and wetlands are also present.

There is a rich flora and fauna present here, including birds that nest on the ice cap. Quelccaya is an important source of water, eventually melting and flowing into the Inambari and Vilcanota Rivers.


  • Trek and climb on the largest Ice Cap in South Peru
  • Experience immense views of the Cordillera Vilcanota

Technical Data

Range – Vilcanota
Mountain – Glacier Qelcaya
Altitude – 5,200-5,700m
Level – PD
Terrain & Route – South face, rough terrain access. (Access via the mountains close to their glaciers)
Days – 4 – 6
Experience – Beginner Level


4 – 6 Days: Trek & Climb the Glacier Qelccaya; incorporating some other climbs or trekking in the Ausangate Region


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