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Chiclayo – 1 to 3 Days Travel



Chiclayo is one of the liveliest cities in northern Peru. It has a population of around 970,000. It is big enough to have supermarkets and small enough to be manageable without hours spend in city buses. The plazas like Parque Principal or Plazuela Elias Aguirre buzz with life even after sunset.


  • Lord of Sipan Tomb – The discovery of the Lord of Sipan considered the “King Tutankamon of the Americas”, is one of the most spectacular tombs discovered in the western hemisphere. Sipan’s treasures show the Moche culture’s ability with several metals: gold, silver and copper and precious stones in fine quality and a mastery in metallurgy unrivalled in the Americas, centuries before the Incas.}
  • The Sipan Museum – Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan – The museum is in the center of Lambayeque and definitely worth a visit although descriptions are in Spanish only. It features most of the treasures of the Sipan tombs together with thorough explanation what the grave looked like and how it was discovered in 1989. Entrance fee is S/10. Student discount only for national students. Open Tu-Su 09:00-17:00. Collectivos from and back to Chiclayo run frequently (20 minutes, S/1.30). In Chiclayo ask in the collectivo stations.
  • Sipan tombs – The excavation site is 30 km out of town
  • Tucume – The valley of 26 pyramids built by the ancient Peruvians.
  • Sican Museum – Interesting remains of Sican culture. It is located 20 minutes from Chiclayo in Ferrenafe. Yes this is different from Sipan


1 – 3 Days: Stop at this coastal town to explore some cultural history of Peru and either head North or South along the coast


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