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Bora Tribe – 1 Day Travel



The Bora are an indigenous tribe of the Peruvian, Colombian, and Brazilian Amazon, located between the Putumayo and Napo rivers. The Bora speak a Witotan language and comprise approximately 2,000 people. In the last forty years, the Bora have become a largely settled people living mostly in permanent forest settlements.

The animist Bora worldview makes no distinction between the physical and spiritual worlds, and spirits are considered to be present throughout the world. The Bora have an elaborate knowledge of the plant life of the surrounding rainforest. Like other indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, such as the Urarina, plants, especially trees, hold a complex and important interest for the Bora.

Bows and arrows are the main weapons of the Bora culture used in person to person conflict. The Bora have guarded their lands from both indigenous foes and outsider colonials. Around the time of the 20th century, the rubber boom had a devastating impact on the Boras, who suffered mistreatment during that time period.

The Bora tribe’s ancestral lands are currently threatened by illegal logging practices. The Bora have no indigenous reserves.


  • You’ll visit the native ethnic group of the Bora where you can learn about their tribal customs, watch and participate in their ritual dances, and also learn about and partake in their hunting traditions.

1 – 7 Days: Explore local tribal communities & their traditions as part of a tour of the Amazon Jungle or cruise of the Amazon River



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